About US

On this page you will be able to read a little about us.

As sports betting professionals, we feel it is right to explainhow we work, what and how we do it. What is the sequenceof development of our forecasts and why we are successful.By far, we are thinking that one person can handle so muchdata for analysis, and that one person can understand allsports. Such a strategy is not profitable in the long run and itwill not produce the results you want.That is why our team consists of 7 people and each of us hashis knowledge in the right sport and his betting strategy.Everyone thinks well of the event for the given day andconsults with the others. This is important because itminimizes the risks in the game.This is where the biggest difference between us and manyother sports betting consultants comes from. We strive tolook at betting as a source of income, and as a business. It isnot interesting for us to make decisions based on which teamwe are fans of, whether we are addicted to a particularcompetitor and things like that. We strive to find the mistakesin the bookmaker’s houses, to validate the coefficients as towhether they really correspond to what is written. Then, withreason and knowledge, we make a prediction that we thinkwill be successful.Such a prognosis goes through wholehearted six steps beforeit gets to your eyes.

Here is how it happens in stages:

    Choosing a sporting event A rough choice of an event thatis interesting. In this case, we are looking not to waste a lot oftime, so we make a quick reference and check with thebookmakers, and if we liked the event it goes into a narrowselection for detailed analysis.

    The event is selected and in the second step we do a roughanalysis according to the database we have and are available.Where many professional tipsters end up we start. Thesporting event is viewed from different perspectives andjudged to be appropriate for the game and to go into the nextstep of control.

    A detailed analysis of the sporting event, everythinghappens here to the last detail, we look at and break downeverything from the time of the match to when the grass inthe stadium was replaced, or when the glue on the court waslast changed, information about the players themselves, whatis their physical and mental condition and things like thatordinary betting people don’t even think make a difference tothe definition of bets. But we believe that everything mattersand so we make every effort to be aware of our chances ofwinning.
    Contacting our emergency contacts. To know quitesuccessful athletes, so if possible we always contact them toconsult as they say “inside” from the kitchen of the event. Ofcourse, this is a consultation with the previous step we aregathering information. Of course we don’t get accurateresults and things like that. We are far from thinking thatthere may be something like this.

    For the last time we look at things, validate the odds,calculate the event percentage, how successful it will be andwrite all the forecasts for the day 6. We already provide youwith a summary of what is the event in question and what isour forecast for it.